08 April 2012
usually when you index the mysql data into sphinx, you'll use id int/bigint for the primary key. but it's broken for me on http://findmjob.com/, we use uuid everywhere for the primary key.

here is the solution for it. use @id := @id + 1 for the indexer, and use sql_field_string to get the real id when matched. sample code below:

sql_query_pre = SET NAMES utf8
sql_query_pre = SET @id := 1;
sql_query = \
    SELECT @id := @id + 1 AS tid, id, title, description, location, contact, inserted_at FROM job ORDER BY inserted_at DESC LIMIT 10000

sql_field_string = id

it requires latest sphinx to support sql_field_string. and the latest CPAN module too.

and Perl code for it will be normal like before. and instead you use ->{doc}, you need use the attribtues ->{id} like

my @jobids = map { $_->{id} } @{$ret->{matches}};

so now we have sphinx search supports in my new site, eg: http://findmjob.com/search/Perl.html?q=Perl


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