22 August 2014

The example in Mojolicious::Plugin::I18N is that you put all your translations into our %Lexicon.

but sometimes you got .po files from standard I18N tools like gettext. in that case you can do something like below to do the trick.

just create MyApp::I18N

package MyApp::I18N;

use base 'Locale::Maketext';
use File::Basename qw/dirname/;
use Locale::Maketext::Lexicon {
    _auto => 1,
    _decode => 1,
    '*' => [Gettext => dirname(__FILE__) . '/I18N/*.po']


that’s all you need do. the path above is using lib/MyApp/I18N/*.po, you can change it to somewhere that you put the .po files.

another point is that if you want just do [% l(‘Hello’) %] instead of [% c.l(‘Hello’) %] in TT2, you just put

$c->render(template => 'template_name', handler => 'tt', l => sub {

That’s it. Enjoy!

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