27 April 2013

You wrote code with open source like CPAN. You meet problems with them. You investigate, write tests then provide patches. Your patches are accepeted.

I really enjoy the way it moves.

Here is another patch for Mojolicious::Plugin::TtRenderer.

the issue is that $self->defaults(layout => 'wrapper'); is always dropping the [% content %] without reason. and with debug I see the content is really in $c->stash->{'mojo.content'}. so a simple patch is that just $c->stash->{content} ||= $c->stash->{'mojo.content'}->{content};

recently I’m writing another new app with bitcoin <-> litecoin and other virtual coins exchange. and I have a wrapper.html.tt for the whole site. but I do not want to use it in the email TT2 render.

if I put WRAPPER => 'layouts/wrapper.html.tt', in the TT2 options, it will also apply to the mail render. a better approach is to use defaults layout. then in email render, set the layout as empty or actually we need use partial => 1.


$self->defaults(layout => 'wrapper');
$self->renderer->default_handler( 'tt' );


my $body = $c->render(
    template => 'emails/forgot_pass', format => 'mail',
    other_stash => $var,
    partial => 1

partial => 1 will set layout as null. so it will give us what we want.

Have fun!

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