10 April 2013

The progress went smoothly because all of them are just Perl code.

old Dancer code: FindmJob::WWW

new Mojolicious code: FindmJob::WWW, FindmJob::WWW::Root and others

Few notes


from before_template_render to before_render

Dancer forward VS Mojolicious before_dispatch

we can modify the req->url->path in before_dispatch with assigning stash.

# feed.(rss|atom) and /p.2/
$self->hook( before_dispatch => sub {
    my $self = shift;

    my $p = $self->req->url->path;
    if ($p =~ s{/feed\.(rss|atom)$}{}) {
        $self->stash('is_feed' => $1);
    if ($p =~ s{/p\.(\d+)(/|$)}{$2}) {
        $self->stash('page' => $1);



plackup -E production -s Starman --workers=3 -l /tmp/findmjob.sock -a /findmjob.com/www/bin/app.pl


hypnotoad -f /findmjob.com/bin/www.pl

Note -f is important here, or supervise will keep restarting the script.

above plackup using sock and hypnotoad use port. so we need update the ngnix config a bit.

and it looks like hypnotoad is working better than plackup Starman

Template name conversation

there is no rule in Dancer for the Template name. but in Mojolicious, we have to do it with $name.$format.$handler

in this case we have to rename index.tt2 to index.html.tt


well, I’m not saying that Dancer is worse than Mojolicous or any other words. both of them are great.

but Dancer is a bit messy with Dancer and Dancer2. actually I love Moo a lot, but I don’t want to spend time on upgrading Dancer to Dancer2 (there seems some more difference than expected.)

in the other hand, Mojolicious looks amazing, sri improves it every week and I admire/trust his professional knowledge.

Have fun.

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