30 March 2013

I got two new CPAN modules uploaded today.


I wrote this based on the Python code

it’s pretty good that you know how to read the Python.


aka tips to write SOAP module in Perl.

the PHP SOAP lib is pretty good while the Perl one is a little suck.

so usually if I can’t write it at the first try in Perl, I would use PHP to find the sending request/response

$client = new SoapClient('https://www.example.com/Test?wsdl', array(
    'trace' => 1,
) );
$client->__call('TestAction', $params);
echo "RESPONSE:\n" . $client->__getLastResponse() . "\n";
echo "REQUEST HEADER:\n" . $client->__getLastRequestHeaders() . "\n";
echo "REQUEST:\n" . $client->__getLastRequest() . "\n";

After I got the correct sample request, I’ll try to use Perl library to send the same XML with trace on.

use SOAP::Lite +trace => 'all';

well, you even can’t write correct one sometimes (maybe I am a little stupid).

but I have a final trick for it. use XML::Write to genereate the request XML. then use

my $som = $soap->call($method, SOAP::Data->type('xml' => $xml));

you won’t be wrong in this case. :)

Have fun.

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