26 April 2012
it's really a pain to work with MongoDB in Perl. Perl has no 'type' so when you get INT value from DBI, it might be really "1" instead of int 1.

I got some data dumped from MySQL to MongoDB and found all the 'time' field is wrapped as "1335350669" instead of 1335350669.

and when you insert it from code like { time => time() }, you really have 1335350670 instead of "1335350670". it breaks the sort. it breaks the deletion. it breaks everything.

blabla, to fix that, we just need update it in mongodb like below.

PRIMARY> db.jobs.find().forEach(
    function(job) {
        job.time = parseInt(job.time);

but it's still a pain. I didn't check MongoDBx::Class or Mongoose yet, but Moose's type should be able to fix it I think.


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