14 April 2012
I'm a fan of Android. even I like my iPad and MBP very much too.

I'd like to write an App for Android. and here is all the story.

first of all, I need write an API which supports JSONP. since it would be very simple, I don't want to mix it up with Dancer. at last, I wrote something based on webmachine-perl. I like the idea behind the webmachine. the chain design looks pretty nice. even I don't use that too much.

the code is at

and live demo as

after API is done. now comes the android app part. Sorry that I don't know much about Java. and I failed to download appmobi/jqmobi (the download never ends here). so at last I picked up phonegap.

the progress went pretty smooth. mixed with jQuery Mobile, I have it out after few hours.

you can download it for fun from http://static.findmjob.com/FindmJob.apk
it's pretty simple, just with one JSONP request and not much different than the demo.

even there, I'd like to share the code with you:

it's very cool and I'm excited! (badly Google costs 25$ for submitting it and I don't want to do it for now)


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