02 April 2012
usually People do param for pager like ?page=1 or ?p=1, it maybe not that good for search engine because they may not go scrape inside. so we may come out a solution with /page=1/ or /p=1/ or even /p.1/ etc.

in Dancer, it's very tricky to do add pagination regex in all URLs. and thank God, we have 'forward' and with code like below, it becomes very simple and easy to use.

Perl code:
get qr'.*?/p\.(\d+).*?' => sub {
    my $uri = request->uri;
    $uri =~ s'/p\.(\d+)'';
    var page => $1;
    $uri =~ s/\/$//;
    forward $uri;

get '/' => sub {
    my $p = vars->{page} || 1; $p = 1 unless $p =~ /^\d+$/;

we use regex to get the page stuff, then remove it from the request uri then using forward to do a internal request.

have fun.

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