30 March 2012
Github is moving on with their API that "We will terminate API v1 and API v2 in 1 month on May 1st, 2012.".

I know lots of people are preferring that they want token instead of writing user/pass in the config or code.
and now we have the choice with create access_token with code instead of web flow.

it's time to kick Net::GitHub default to V3 now. so here comes the beta release. and tests/patches are welcome.

Tips to create access_token with script:

use Net::GitHub;
my $gh = Net::GitHub->new( login => 'fayland', pass => 'secret' );
my $oauth = $gh->oauth;
my $o = $oauth->create_authorization( {
    scopes => ['user', 'public_repo', 'repo', 'gist'], # just ['public_repo']
    note   => 'test purpose',
} );
print $o->{token};

record the token down, and later on we can always use that token without writing down user/pass.

my $github = Net::GitHub->new(
    access_token => $token, # from above


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