04 December 2011
When you really go coding, you'll meet lots of issues. then you'll write solution for them. that's straight.

Today I have another CPAN module Plack::Middleware::FileWrap out to fit my demand: I'll have lots of plain HTML files, they'll share the same header/footer and I don't want to use stupid iframe.

under Plack, it just means wrap $res->[2] with file content or strings. 

so here comes Plack::Middleware::FileWrap, very simple if you looked at the source code.

then I used it in the KinderGarden project, with snippets:

    mount '/static/docs/' => builder {
        enable 'FileWrap', headers => ["$root/static/docs/header.html"], footers => ["$root/static/docs/footer.html"];
        Plack::App::File->new( root => "$root/static/docs" )->to_app;

now all the files under static/docs will wrapped with header.html and footer.html (header.html/footer.html itself too!)

for some advanced example, like if you just want to apply to html files, then you can code something like:

    mount '/static/docs/' => builder {
        enable_if { $_[0]->{PATH_INFO} =~ /\.html/ } 'FileWrap',
            headers => ["$root/static/docs/header.html"], footers => ["$root/static/docs/footer.html"];
        Plack::App::File->new( root => "$root/static/docs" )->to_app;
I didn't put the Content-Type check b/c I think it's better to be handled with enable_if.

Enjoy. Thanks

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