24 September 2011
it's a quite long story. but it's all about Net::GitHub

Github released their V3 API few months ago.

the reason why I didn't update the module is super simple, I'm kind busy recently. my wife is during pregnancy. we'll have another kid 2 months later. and I even don't use in my daily life. I wrote it because I enjoy writing stuff for people.

There is a CPAN module Pithub. it is great. even he is reinventing another wheels instead of contributing, I have to say: nice module, well written. I was thinking to add some notes in Net-GitHub to say that if you're looking for V3 implemention, please try Pithub.

I changed my idea suddenly after c9s patched the module for access_token supports. if I accept it and write POD for it, why not write V3 API too?

Writing code for public is enjoyable. you can't write messy code because people use it and rate you as dumb guy. I don't want to be dumb so I have to be smarter.

Writing code is easy and simple. The most hard part is to design the API. how it works so that user will feel comfortable to use it.

Here comes few thoughts on Net-GitHub.

1. raw query should be supported so if Github add any new API, people can at least use it without waiting for another release.

use Net::GitHub;
my $gh = Net::GitHub->new( login => 'fayland', pass => 'secret' );

my $data = $gh->query('/user');
$gh->query('PATCH', '/user', { bio => 'another Perl Programmer and Father' });
$gh->query('DELETE', '/user/emails', [ '[email protected]' ]);

so most of the methods is just a wrapper like:

sub emails { (shift)->query('/user/emails'); }

2. more than half of the Github API is binded with :user/:repo. but it will be really very boring to type user/repo for every call.
but for one-off call, pass user/repo should be better. so both of them should be supported.

$gh->set_default_user_repo('fayland', 'perl-net-github');
my @issues = $gh->issue->issues;
my @pulls    = $gh->pull_request->pulls;

# or one-off call
my @contributors = $gh->respo->contributors($user, $repo);

I kicked out the version to public today. but there are still a lot of stuff missing. I released it because I want to hear some feedback from the users. below are some todos.
1. Orgs, Gists, Git Data
2. Pager and MIME types
3. Moose handles like $gh->pulls = $gh->pull_request->pulls to ease keyboard.
4. method builder so there isn't too much duplication code like now.

but I may not be able to finish all of them soon. so if anyone is willing to help, please fork on https://github.com/fayland/perl-net-github and patches are welcome!


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