12 August 2011
I'm giving snaked a try today. it's my first time to try it. and I heard it from last year's CN Perl Advent: http://advent.perlchina.org/2010/snaked.html

for those people who don't know what snaked is, snaked is like crontab and written in Perl.

so far so good. here are two cents.

1. if you put your configuration files under /home/fayland/snaked, please don't put the log there.
it you have /home/fayland/snaked/log which contains /home/fayland/snaked/snaked.log
as soon as you run snaked --configure, you'll find your snaked.log expands very fast soon with some weird log like
'new value for option snaked.log'.

that's because in snaked.pm, it will try to read all files under the snaked configure directory and load them as options.
snaked.log is a file, so the content is loaded as the value, and append to the snaked.log
so if you run 'snaked --configure' many times, you'll find the snaked.log becomes quite large with all log repeated again and again.

the fixes is to move snaked.log into another directory instead of /home/fayland/snaked

2. another tip should be simple but useful
export PS_SNAKED_CFG=/home/fayland/snaked/

then you don't need put --cfg again and again when you run snaked command.


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