11 January 2011
I got a new module uploaded to CPAN: WebService::IPRental

it's basically a Perl port for IP Rental API: http://www.iprental.com/apidoc/

well, I really admire that php has a nice WSDL soap client that sometimes SOAP::WSDL wsdl2perl sucks. anyway, we can always request the same stuff with SOAP::Lite by checking the php


and the simple map is:

1. ->on_action( sub { 'urn:IPRentalSoapAPIAction' } ) is for SOAPAction in header
2. ->ns( 'urn:IPRentalSoapAPI', 'ns1' ) can register a new namespace
3. simply do ->outputxml(1) b/c that's more reliable (I prefer)

maybe not so much people use the IP Rental service, but people will feel that CPAN is great when he searches a module like this.


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