03 September 2009
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recently "Moose or no Moose" is spreading to the Perl world.

Moose or No Moose
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Re: Re: Moose Or No Moose
Moose Startup Time over Time

basically I agree with Adam Kennedy that Array::Compare shouldn't based on Moose. Test::Warn is a popular module and Array::Compare without Moose can totally ease the install of the Test::Warn.

in the meantime, I would agree with Stevan Little that we shouldn't hold the usage of the Moose. it's a great module with great idea and great contributors. I use it in my daily life and it works great. once more and more people/module use Moose, the problem wouldn't become a problem.

I think Padre should use Moose, I know Adam would reject that, but I insist on that Padre will benefit from Moose even Class::XSAccessor is the fastest accessor module now. Padre will be in a better structure and much more easy to read if it's coded with Moose. Plugin/Document/Highlighter would be easily written and plugged.

another thing is that I met the problem before. Long time ago people rate down WWW::Contact because it uses Moose. but I think it's not true. Moose helps me to build the module.

at last and in short, I think simple module (like only use the accessor of Moose) shouldn't use Moose but large software/module like Padre should use Moose.

Thanks. just personal thoughts.

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