04 October 2007
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2007. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
TheSchwartz - reliable job queue. original developped by Brad and used in LiveJournal.

My main aim is to remove 'Image::Magick' out of my Catalyst App since Image::Magick takes a lot of memories for every process under mod_perl. so we need a non-stop cron script to monitor and resize photos. and I picked TheSchwartz up for my Foorum Catalyst App.

Here comes the instructions:

1, create db 'theschwartz' by using schema: http://search.cpan.org/src/BRADFITZ/TheSchwartz-1.04/doc/schema.sql

2, write the main module Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto use base TheSchwartz::Worker.
package Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto;

use TheSchwartz::Job;
use base qw( TheSchwartz::Worker );
use Foorum::ExternalUtils qw/schema/;
use File::Spec;
use Image::Magick;
use Cwd qw/abs_path/;
use File::Copy;

my (undef, $path) = File::Spec->splitpath(__FILE__);

sub work {
my $class = shift;
my TheSchwartz::Job $job = shift;

my @args = $job->arg;

my $schema = schema();

# get upload from db
my $upload_id = shift @args;
if ($upload_id !~ /^\d+$/) {
return $job->failed("Wrong upload_id: $upload_id");
my $upload = $schema->resultset('Upload')->find( { upload_id => $upload_id } );
unless ($upload) {
return $job->failed("No upload for $upload_id");

# get file dir
my $directory_1 = int( $upload_id / 3200 / 3200 );
my $directory_2 = int( $upload_id / 3200 );
my $file = abs_path("$path/../../../../root/upload/$directory_1/$directory_2/" . $upload->filename);

# resize photo
my $p = new Image::Magick;

my ($width, $height, $size) = $p->Get('width', 'height', 'filesize');

my $tmp_file = $file . '.tmp';

move($tmp_file, $file);

# update db
$schema->resultset('UserProfilePhoto')->search( {
type => 'upload',
value => $upload_id,
} )->update( {
width => $width,
height => $height,
} );
($size) = ( $size =~ /^(\d+\.?\d{0,1})/ ); # float(6,1)
$upload->update( { filesize => $size } );


sub max_retries { 3 };


3, write a TheSchwartz_worker.pl and run it. it will monitor the "job" table in "theschwartz" database non-stop.
package Foorum::ExternalUtils;
# ... etc.
use TheSchwartz;
sub theschwartz {

$config = config() unless ($config);

my $theschwartz = TheSchwartz->new(
databases => [ {
dsn => $config->{theschwartz_dsn}, # dbi:mysql:theschwartz
user => $config->{dsn_user},
pass => $config->{dsn_pwd},
} ],
verbose => 1,
return $theschwartz;
use Foorum::ExternalUtils qw/theschwartz/;
use Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto;

my $client = theschwartz();

4, at last, we need insert data into 'job' table then let TheSchwartz_worker.pl to handle it.
package Foorum::Controller::Profile;
use Foorum::ExternalUtils qw/theschwartz/;
sub xxx : Local {
# ... etc.
my $client = theschwartz();
$client->insert('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto', $new_upload_id);

That's ALL.

The idea behind TheSchwartz is not so complicate.

  • the "theschwartz" database contains 5 tables:

    • 'error' for recording error for every failed job. like in Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto, $job->failed("No upload for $upload_id");

    • 'funcmap' has two columns: on is funcid and the other is funcname. It's pretty simple. when we call "$client->can_do('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto');" in TheSchwartz_worker.pl, it will create a new row ($auto_increasing_func_id, 'Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto') if there hasn't

    • 'job' is the most important table here. TheSchwartz_worker.pl monitor this table every 5 secs. and if $client->insert one job, it will work_once() immediately.

    • other two tables: exitstatus and notes

  • TheSchwartz_worker.pl can tell what jobs it can handle by using "$client->can_do('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto');". add this line means that TheSchwartz_worker.pl can do the jobs which the "funcid" in "job" table is mapping with 'Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto'.

  • TheSchwartz_worker.pl is a non-stop script to monitor the "job" table every 5 secs. if there are jobs, it will work_once() one by one.

  • $client->insert('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto', $new_upload_id); it inserts one row in 'job' table then let worker.pl to handle it. 'Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto' is the funcname, and $new_upload_id is the args.
    in package Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::ResizeProfilePhoto; we need use base TheSchwartz::Worker and write a sub work.
    sub work {
    my $class = shift;
    my TheSchwartz::Job $job = shift;

    my @args = $job->arg;

    # do something


  • If u want another worker:
    just write package Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::Another
    then in TheSchwartz_worker.pl use it and add $client->can_do('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::Another');
    then in pl or pm. $client->insert('Foorum::TheSchwartz::Worker::Another', @args);

That's ALL. @Enjoy;

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