20 July 2007
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2007. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
well, we always meet this when we develop a Catalyst application:
* we want -Debug and StackTrace or DBIC::Schema::Profiler when we develop the Catalyst App.
* we don't want -Debug like in the production server because it costs much.

Sometimes u may want a config name like debug_mode to control whether we want or not.
Here comes my solution:

__PACKAGE__->log->levels('error', 'fatal'); # for real server
if( __PACKAGE__->config->{debug_mode} ) {

__PACKAGE__->log->enable('debug', 'info', 'warn'); # for developer server
# these code are copied from Catalyst.pm setup_log
no strict 'refs';
my $class = __PACKAGE__;
*{"$class\::debug"} = sub { 1 };

my @extra_plugins = qw/ StackTrace DBIC::Schema::Profiler /;
__PACKAGE__->setup_plugins( [ @extra_plugins ] );
Full code please check Foorum.pm

now u can set debug_mode: 1 in _local.yml when u develop and forget it in production server.

* why we write code after __PACKAGE__->setup(); is because we want __PACKAGE__->config->{debug_mode}. config is setup in ->setup().
* *{"$class\::debug"} = sub { 1 }; means $c->debug is on. code from Catalyst.pm
* __PACKAGE__->setup_plugins( [ @extra_plugins ] ); will setup extra_plugins whenever u want.


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