10 August 2006
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2006. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
I export the OPML from Bloglines, then switch my RSS reader as Plagger.
I must admit that the installation of Plagger is painful (in Win32), there is a lot of modules needed. mm, I don't use PPM, cpan just take me to the place.

I think you'd better svn checkout http://svn.bulknews.net/repos/plagger/trunk/plagger
since I think we need the templates under the dir "assets".

my config YAML are something like:
# Set timezone to your local one
timezone: Asia/Shanghai
# this make logger logs important information
level: info

- module: Subscription::OPML
url: http://localhost/plagger/export.opml

# Load 'Bundle' planet plugins
- module: Bundle::Planet
duration: 3 days
title: Fayland's Planet
description: What I am interested in
dir: E:/Fayland/plagger
url: http://fayland.vicp.net/plagger
theme: sixapart-std
- http://planet.catalystframework.org/css/global/planet.css
- http://planet.catalystframework.org/css/global/generic.css
- http://planet.catalystframework.org/css/global/layout.css
then run the script plagger. it will make a "index.html" and some xml files under the dir "E:/Fayland/plagger/".

try to visit http://fayland.vicp.net/plagger to have a general idea. (PS, the host is my own machine, so it's only available in 9:00AM to 8:00PM).

when I need to read the lastest items of the RSS articles, I need to run the script plagger again to fetch them remotely.

mm, any way, Plagger is great.

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