12 November 2005
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2005. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
It's just a schedule table of mod_perl learning. I'm a bit lost, having no idea but to force myself to learning something I'm longing for. yes, mod_perl comes into my eyes.

Long long ago(more than half a year), I subscribed to the maillist and saw somthing like that(roughly):

mod_perl 有三个层次:

* 第一种是就是用 ModPerl::RegistryModPerl::PerlRun 来运行普通的 Perl 代码。
* 第二种是类如 Apache2::Hello 这样的模块。Catalyst, TT, Mason 等都提供的这种方式。
* 最后一种要涉及到跟 Apache 的内部,即一系列 Perl*Handler 打交道。


As follows are what I have done:
* subscribe to the maillist again(it's the fourth time, :> send a blank email to [email protected]).
* download the free book - Practical mod_perl(Under CC license, tarball here)
* download some chapters of mod_perl Developer's Cookbook, it's FREE.
* read several articles on perl.com

I'd like to write some journal through my learning course.
Writing HERE will beat me to read over it and NOT give up halfway.
my plan is to compose more than 1 blog per week.

God bless me.


I unsubscribe the maillist and change to use Outlook Express to subscribe gmane.comp.apache.mod-perl on news.gmane.org. it's more clear to read.

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