15 March 2005
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2005. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
yap, rt.cpan.org is a bug tracing system to all CPAN modules.
If u are a module author, you should fix the bugs if they exist.
If u are a perlmonk and find some errors when u use some module, u can report a bug on rt.cpan

Today, the two situations occurred to me.

I submitted a bug to Perl6-Pugs.
It's a installation problem. when I 'svn up', and type 'perl makefile.PL', it always return:

Can't generate the correct Perl6 equivalent for:


field name: archlib
osname: MSWin32

Please notify the maintainer of this code. (Brian Ingerson for now)
another weird problem. (See weird thing with nmake pugs)
Autrijus replies:
Hi.  It happens because C:\usr\lib did not contain "perl" in it, so
Pugs was confused.  Cc'ing ingy for discussions -- maybe just append
"perl6" to it? maybe prompt?

But I think there is another reason causes my problem. forget it for now.

several hours later, I got a email from 'Adam Kennedy':


I have just filed an RT bug against China::IdentityCard::Validate 
regarding it's name, which is unusual and quite out of place.

Countries to not have top level CPAN namespaces.

Must number modules like yours currently exist in the Business:: 
namespace, which you result in your module being better named.


If I can also recommend another thing, you should consider not exporting 
the function by default, and moving to more of a hybrid style 
object/functional structure so that the module can be used very very 
flexibly, and so that you can create IdentityCard objects as well.

For an example of a _very_ similar module which wraps the same sort of 
functionality in a much more flexible "package", see


Feel free to copy as much of it as you wish.

Adam Kennedy
It's concerning with my easy module 'China::IdentityCard::Validate'.
I followed his advice, and upload new 'Business::CN::IdentityCard' to pause and delete the old modules.
I tried to modify my module as what he said. but I give up finally, because it's too complex to this easy module.
OO-structure is just too much code to write. I don't like it. :(
Maybe I'll rewrite it later.

God bless me.

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