30 December 2004
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背景介绍:这是一封由 Jag Venugopal 发给 perl.com 的Email。
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August/八月 2004
From: Jag Venugopal
Subject: When will Perl 6 ever get done? / Perl 6 什么时候才能完成?


What's your take on when Perl 6 will be ready for general use? Its beginning to look like a project with no end and no production release.

对于何时才会有通用的 Perl 6,您有何看法?它开始像个永远不会结束和不会有产品发布的项目。


Hi Jag,

Your email was passed on to me, as perl.com editor. I've asked a number of Perl 6 designers and implementers, and gathered the following thoughts.

您的 email 由 perl.com 的编辑转发于我。我问过许多 Perl 6 的设计者和编写者,推断出如下想法。

The Perl 6 effort has come a long way since the July 2000 announcement that "the effort to write Perl 6 has begun in earnest," or the project roadmap that predicted "final design and language specification, October 2000," and "Beta release, July 2001." If we've learnt one thing since then, it's that making predictions about when Perl 6 will be released is very, very difficult.

从 2000 年七月通告“写 Perl 6 的工作已经如火如荼地开始了”,或曾经预测的项目里程碑“2000年十月发布最后的设计和语言规格说明”和“2001年七月发布测试版”,Perl 6 项目已经走了一段很长的路。如果说我们从(错误的预测)中学到了什么,那就是预测 Perl 6 何时发布是非常非常困难的。

There are many reasons for this. You said that Perl 6 is "beginning to look like a project with no end;" this is dead right--Perl 6 is just the next version of Perl, a project started over ten years ago and, we hope, with no end to its future. As Damian says, "Perl 5's first production release took the best part of a decade (counting from Perl 1), so if Perl 6 takes less than that I think we're doing okay."

对此我们有很多理由。您说 Perl 6 “开始像个永远不会结束的项目”,这没错——Perl 6 仅仅是 Perl 的下一版本,Perl 项目从十多年前开始的,我们希望,它永远不会结束。 正如 Damain 所说的:“Perl 5 的第一个发布版本用了一个十年(从Perl 1 开始算起)的大部分,所以如果 Perl 6 用的时间比它少,我认为我们做的将是成功的。”

As this implies, Perl 6 is something that we're working towards, and we have a pretty good starting point in Perl 5. We also have a good start in Parrot, the Perl 6 virtual machine, which will see a production release in October or November.

如此话所暗示的,我们正努力朝 Perl 6 前进,Perl 5 是个非常好的开始点。我们还有个很好的开始点 Parrot ,Perl 6 的虚拟机,我们可以在十月或十一月看到它的产品发布。

Because Perl 6 fits into the whole Perl development process, there's no hurry to get a 6.0.0 release out soon. And, indeed, when the developers are working completely on a voluntary basis, and with an industry slow to move to new technologies, there's no way to hurry up the process of development and acceptance anyway.

因为 Perl 6 要配合整个 Perl 开发进程,所以急急忙忙地发布 6.0.0 是没有必要的。而且事实上,由于开发者都是完全自愿参与和新技术是个被缓慢接受的过程,我们根本无法加快开发进程和接受度。

The plan is going to be to turn Perl 5 into Perl 6 steadily, over the course of many releases, just as happened with every release of Perl so far. Perl 5.10 is bringing in several Perl 6 features, and more will accrue as the Perl 5 series continues; at the same time, the Ponie Project (announced in July 2003) will move Perl 5 onto the Parrot VM.

我们的计划是通过许多个版本的发布将 Perl 5 平稳地过渡到 Perl 6,正如迄今为止我们都在做的每个 Perl 版本的发布。Perl 5.10 将引进一些 Perl 6 的特性,而且随着 Perl 5 系列的发展将会加入更多的特性。同时,Ponie 项目(于2003年七月通告)将允许 Perl 5 运行在 Parrot 虚拟机。

But after the previous set of predictions, very few people I talked to were willing to commit to giving a definite timeline for a Perl 6 release. Damian, for instance, told me that Perl 6 is essentially ready right now thanks to the Perl6::* modules on CPAN, and that "there is merely no production release yet;" in a recent interview, Allison Randal, the project manager, estimated a Perl 6 alpha at "around two years away."

但是在先前系列错误的预测之后,几乎没有人愿意再给出 Perl 6 发布的确切时间线(准确基线)。例如 DaMian 就说,“从 CPAN 上的 Perl6:: 模块来看,Perl 6 已经基本上准备好了”。对于“到目前为止没有任何产品发布”,在最近的采访中,项目经理 Allison Randal 估计两年左右会发布 Perl 6 alpha 。

If, however, having Perl 6 available faster is a pressing need for you, more developers helping out would always be a welcome way of bringing a release closer!

如果,无论如何,你很紧迫地需要 Perl 6,那么更多开发者来提供帮助是尽快发布的可行之道。

Hope this helps,
Simon Cozens

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