Catalyst Book Short Review

24 February 2008

Yup, my boss brought this Catalyst book for me. I spent one day to read through this book.

Frankly, it's too short. less than 200 pages. and some are already known stuff.
but it does inspire me at some point. and I'm pretty happy with it (esp. the model stuff)

well, I'm not going to blame the author, but it's not good enough. I thought there should be some knowledge about DBIx::Class and TT2, but it's too less. and it talks too less plugins. I know he can't cover all, but I think he should talk some useful plugins like Cache.

All can be in one sentence. it's too short. He should write 600 pages at least. Catalyst is worth 600 pages at least. :)

Any way, it's still a good book. I'm hoping the next Catalyst book.

three books from Amazon

22 February 2008

yup, my boss Jeffrey Ng bought those for me.

* Catalyst
* Perl Cookbook
* Beautiful Code

I'm pretty happy.

notes for Xapian and Search::Xapian

24 January 2008

When after u installed Xapian, and when go to install Search::Xapian, u may meet problem like:
Error:  Can't load '/usr/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.6/i386-linux-thread-multi/auto/Search/Xapian/' for module Search::Xapian: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory at /usr/lib/perl5/5.8.6/i386-linux-thread-multi/ line 230.

Then I think u need have a check of
basically I do export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/local/lib and everything would be fine then.


2008 plan

02 January 2008

* release at least 12 version of Foorum
* write 100+ posts. that means nearly 10 per month. should be 60+ related to Perl.
* write a tour for my own Foorum script. tell the world how I build it. should be contains more than 10 entries.
* give a name to my child, will be born at April.

* I'll learn a new language, Python or Ruby. maybe.

Release Early: Foorum 0.1.1 Release

30 December 2007

please download from

and have fun!

0.1.1 Sun Dec 30 16:19:11 2007
- use Perl::Critic to fix some errors, bin/misc/
- use JavaScript::Minifier to minify js files, bin/misc/
- bug fix for message permission check (r160)
- add requires 'Cache::FileCache'; in Makefile.PL (reported by hotsnow)
- use Config::YAML instead of ConfigLoader because Config::YAML is simpler and faster
- new table 'user_settings' & /settings for 'SendUpdateNotification for MyStarredItems' (r208)
- new settings 'show_email_public': can hide email from public (r215)
- Topic RSS && RSS title bug fix.
- What's New page
- Site Admin Settings: /admin/settings to change foorum_local.yml

Perl::Critic support on Foorum

25 December 2007

Perl::Critic is a great CPAN module for every Perl developers.

From Foorum v0.1.1 on, we will support Perl::Critic
the pl URL is
and the result is at

and here is a tip from Jeffrey Thalhammer:

we can disable the eval "string" alerts by
my $has_proc_pid_file = eval "use Proc::PID::File"; ## no critic (ProhibitStringyEval)

have fun!

Release Often - Foorum 0.1.0

24 December 2007

I release Foorum 0.1.0 as a Christmas gift. :)

Live demo please see:


0.1.0 Fri Dec 24 20:56:00 2007
- move trunk to
- use jQuery to deal with browser time zone
- UBB js localize
- use Catalyst::Plugin::Cache instead of Catalyst::Plugin::Cache::Memcached
- use jQuery validate.js for register etc. (add validate/messages_cn.js)
- rewrite Model/ to send email after compose a message
- add Plain/Textile Formatter to post/reply/edit
- add Text::GooglewikiFormat
- new language: Chinese Traditional
- add =pod formatter supports
- My Shared Items

CPAM modules updates

20 December 2007

new CPAN module released: Text::GooglewikiFormat

19 December 2007

I spent couple of hours last night to write a new CPAN module: Text::GooglewikiFormat

I would use it in my Foorum.

And I would use it to build foorum documents from trunk

the syntax is here:

have fun!

Catalyst new feature: Catalyst::Stats

17 December 2007

I guess I really need Catalyst::Stats.

I just move "Catalyst-Plugin-tv_interval" to DEPRECATED.

I think every Catalyst developer should use Catalyst::Stats.