03 December 2011
When you include another open source in your own project, it's usually pretty hard to keep it up to date. it becomes even more harder if you have some modification on it.

recently I have bootstrap in my KinderGarden project, it's very easy to use git submodule to handle it.

kindergarden> git submodule add https://github.com/twitter/bootstrap.git static/bootstrap
kindergarden> git add .gitmodules static/bootstrap
kindergarden> git commit -a -m "remote bootstrap"
kindergarden> git push
kindergarden> git submodule init

in delopy or other machine:

kindergarden$ git submodule init
kindergarden$ git submodule update

pretty easy and simple, and the logic behind is simple too. reference as http://help.github.com/submodules/ or http://progit.org/book/ch6-6.html

BTW, I added Live.com OAuth2 supports to KinderGarden.

Enjoy. Thanks

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