30 December 2005
This post may be outdated due to it was written on 2005. The links may be broken. The code may be not working anymore. Leave comments if needed.
The year of 2006 would be a turn in the course of events.
I'm going to receive my bachelor's degree in advertisement next June, and I'll attend the post-graduate entrance exam in January 14th-15th.
So the future seems so unclear that I'm not sure what will I do and where will I go. Maybe go to work related with Perl, maybe stay at home doing SOHO work concerned with internet and Perl, or maybe continue my study in Tsinghua university, which I like best.

Although there is so many possibilities, yet one thing is certain: keep abreast with Perl.
There is no plan for a new language such as Python, Ruby, Java or C/C++/C#.
Ya, maybe a functional language like ML or Haskell, I'm not sure.
The Perl world is so immense that I still need to learn a lot.

    The planned stuff are as follows:
  • Perl 6. yes, I think Autrijus will release an official Perl 6 implement - Pugs, it's worth time to learn Perl 6 and play with it.
  • Parrot. the PIR language. I like the idea of parrot.
  • modperl. It's still popular and quicker than what you expected. I hate to consider speed when I write perl code.
  • POE. I know you guys are tired of the threads thing in Perl, me too. and event-driven is great.
  • take part in more open-source projects. It's a goold place to practise and improve my skill.
  • use Catalyst to write a script of Forum and other script. more than 3,000 lines, I suppose.
  • part time jobs are welcome. I do need more money to live better.
Woo, so many things. I just wonder whether I get enough time to dig the Perl treasure.
Ya, it's my plan. I'll do my best to adhere to my plan.

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