24 May 2005
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We'll have a meeting @ Shanghai this weekend -- May 29th. Details @ 5月asterlink赞助的上海Perl聚会
cause it's not conflict with my course&exam, I'm very glad to join the perlgeeks at Shanghai.

Joe want me to give a lighting talk to the attender. I seem to be adding to my grey hair.
It's too difficult to determine what should be referred. I should say that I'm familiar with but not good at any topic in Perl.
I know a little about such things:

  • Catalyst, but have no idea about the plugin and member auth etc. and I think chunzi is more familar with it.
  • How 2 tarball a module to CPAN. I think the guys there all know it well.
  • Maybe Ajax. but nothing to say, it's so simple and perlish-less.
  • Perl6 syntax. maybe it's a good idea, but a u guys interesting in? Sigh, I'm not Larry or Damain, not the expert of Perl6.
  • CGI::Application, Template, Class::DBI, or something else. o, I'm not the author of such modules. My modules are not worth talking with.

It's 4 days left. Time is limited.

Of course, my another choice is to forget it. :)

Now what boring me most is

  • which train should I take?
  • When should I start to go?
  • How can I get the Fudan University? which bus or subway station?
  • How much will it cost?

Yap, God bless me all move smoothly.

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