20 March 2005
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I spent this weekend travelling the Yellow(Huang) Mountian with my classmates. 2 days and 260 Yuan, and I think it's worth the time and money.

The most time We do is climbing, having a break, and climbing again.
The first day is a rainy day, and we climbed through the rain and were wetted from head to foot.
It's nearly 19:00 until we arrived the cheap hotel. It's dark then and we can hardly see the road under the feet. luckily, no one hurt.
We planned to have a sight of the famous sunrise in the next day, but the heavy fog disappointed us.
It's just another climbing-day. But with luck, we met the wild monkeys down the mountain road. we threw some pieces of bread to please them, and us.

The deepest thing in my memory is the heaver, or we called them porter. They climbed more than 8 kilometers with heavy goods only to earn 33 Yuan. And it's a shame that they are quicker than us.

To have a full sight within 2 days is a difficult task, and it's a pity we missed the sunrise.
I think I'll go to the Yellow Mountain with my lovely girlfriend in another day.

Now I'm too tired and eager to have a nice sleep. God bless me.

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