14 November 2013

Well, qiandao here means Chinese 签到。

that action is boring that you need open browser, login, then click buttons. afterwards, you get some points that you can use it somehow as a little money.

Programming is born for saving you from daily repeating/boring works. and that’s why programming is fun.

I spent few hours to write a casperjs coffeescript today to do the action for taobao.com/etao.com. the code is quite simple and the result is very interesting. phantomjs or casperjs is born for suck work.

you can take a look of the code at https://github.com/fayland/casperjs-qiandao/blob/master/taobao.coffee, it’s quite self-explaining. open page, click button, wait until frame shows, type user/pass, then submit. afterwards, just wait until the result shows up. and print it. meanwhile, after collect few 淘金币, it also collects one 集分宝.

crontab it as casperjs /path/to/casperjs-qiandao/taobao.coffee –username=fayland_lam –password=secret

and that’s it. programming does the job for you and it’s reliable.

have fun.

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