28 September 2005
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When I surf the "Announcement of Newest Books" of the School Library today, I find the "Types and Programming Languages" (《类型和程序设计语言》)written by Benjamin C. Pierce, translated by 马世龙 & 睦跃飞 etc. and published by "Publishing House of Electronics Industry"(电子工业出版社)。

If you are interested in Pugs, u should know that Autrijus Tang suggests this book in "Pugs Apocryphon 1
Overview of the Pugs project
. Quoted as follows:

Where can I learn more about implementing programming languages?

Types and Programming Languages is an essential read; Pugs started out as a self-initiated study of the text, and it continues to be an important guide during the implementation. Its sequel, Advanced Topics in Types and Programming Languages, is also invaluable. It may also help to get acquainted with other multi-paradigmatic languages, such as Mozart/Oz, Curry and O’Caml. Finally, the detailed GHC commentary describes how GHC itself was implemented.

But when I start to read it, I must admit that it's too difficult to understand, especially for an advertisement student.
I realise that my computer knowledge is so limited. It's just another world, different with what I know but worth learning.
Now design a language is in my TODO list. Though it's hard, I'll repick this book one day.


u can buy it from http://www.china-pub.com/computers/common/info.asp?id=24942

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